Friday, December 6, 2013

Anime Studio Debut 9

If you are going to buy Anime Studio Debut 9 from Amazon then the price is just $30 which is reasonable price I will say. It can be used for cartoon animation; it has good features like which are helpful for learning studio-quality animation techniques.


Highly reasonable price which has professional tools
It has bone systems for quick and easy animation
Simple Time-line which is easy to handle.
Simple audio and pro animation


It should have more advanced tools which are not available now
It is not easy for beginners

It is known as cost-effective animation tool for beginners, Anime Studio Debut (the light version of Anime 
 Studio Pro 6.0) gives important upgrades on Anime Studio 5 with amplitude-based lip-synching and motion tracking. Well, I will call it the light version for beginner’s tool. As it is not a radical transformation, this release of Anime Studio is surely a big step up in quality and usability, main thing I liked was bone system. You may notice one small notice that is sometimes, in old version basic movements created unexpected distortions.

The drawing tools are not much comfortable because they are similar to flash and they are totally different to each other.

Thursday, December 5, 2013

QuickBooks Basic Payroll 2013

QuckBooks 2014 is very powerful as it can make you believe that it does not need any further advancements or upgrades, however older versions were also good but this version is more advanced than older one. It helps in invoicing and recording purchases and it helps people to work more quickly than before, users of QuickBooks 2014 can add multiple attachments and additionally customize the email templates while using customer’s job information in one click. The new feature is related to income tracker allowing you know if there are past due invoices so that you will pay attention to those transaction and it will be beneficial to your business. It has great features related to sales like emailing through the list directly to the customer.

You are able to see all the banking sales, incoming and outgoing derived from one of space. It tells who have paid, how it was paid that makes the work easier than before. Customer support is also very good, most importantly it has help manual that is made upon customer suggestions, when you refer to the manual you may not need customer support as well. If you need to switch one version to other or any switching related works you need, it is really very easy as it is integrated with old QuickBooks version where you won’t get any problem.

QuickBooks Basic Payroll 2013 is user friendly, it is faster than others, with all these advanced features, it seems like it is a difficult application to use but it is actually straight forward, it has very clean look that can be used simply no extra brain power is needed at the time of doing accounting works. If you are new to QuickBooks, there is no problem, it has step-by-step guides, pre-made template that works for tutorial and it makes really very easy to understand and use, if you get any problems, you can call support 24x7 and you can get help from customer services anytime you need.

QuickBooks Pro with Enhanced Payroll 2014

I have been using QuickBooks for a long time but I got mixed feelings about the experience, however I love the functional piece of software that helps me do accounting works related to employee payment and it is helpful in normal business transaction including invoicing and taxes. It has a help manual that is really helpful but you won’t get good support when you call it means referring to the manual is main thing here if you need help.

With this payroll software, you will be able to organize your business finances in one place, this software helps you save time and concentrate on business matters. You can easily know where your business stands; you can manage everyday tasks very easily. It runs on Windows Vista/7/8/XP it has dimension of 10.8 x 2 x 7.5 inches. Main features are value pack (2 products in one box), easy to set up (learn and use), organize all the things in one place and save time on everyday tasks, it is integrated with QuickBooks, you can easily pays your employees in 3 easy steps.

You can handle vendors and expenses very easily, you can track and pay bills, you can easily create and customize estimates, invoices and statements. You are able to get your online banking transactions directly into QuickBooks as it is available to download, you can track how your business is performing and you will get financial, tax and sales reports in one click.

QuickBooks Enhanced Payroll 2014

Intuit has introduced QuickBooks Enhanced Payroll 2014, in this edition; you will get additional features like R11 for QuickBooks 2013 and enterprise 13.0. It has solution to fix error and handle issues using advanced inventory in QBES with reports.
QuickBooks would not display the error “exception thrown in destructor” at the time of registering a bank account in this software.
It improves utilities of verifying and rebuilding.
It will shows these alerts; reactivate subscription, renew subscription, update credit card and verify subscription
It has good improvement compared to old one.
In this software, all items with quantities will show properly at the time of selecting Hide zero QOH on reports.
The lot management shows >1 line on a transaction with the same item combination while lot no. is unique for the row.
You can change an item in a row from an inventory item to a non-inventory item.
If the Bin Location Tracking is ON, the lot counts in lot management will show the counting number for selected bin location.

QuickBooks Basic Payroll 2014

QuickBooks Basic Payroll 2014 has great features like paychecks in 3 easy steps, generate reports and work with the payroll accountant, tax payments and filings, it can easily be integrated to QuickBooks, you will also get free expert help whenever you need. Right now 36 new products are available in Amazon shopping website; you can buy it from there. Apart from QuickBooks Basic Payroll 2014 you have many other similar products such as QuickBooks Pro with Enhanced payroll 2014, QuickBooks Pro 2014, QuickBooks Pro with Enhanced Payroll 2014 and many others, all these programs are Windows compatible means you can run on Windows platform, apart from Windows Platforms, you can run them on vista/8/xp. This item can also be shipped outside of America but it is not available to all the part of the world, it is available in certain countries only. Product dimension is 5.4 x 2 x 7.5 inches; 4.8 ounces, it has gotten 3 out of 5 star reviews, the product has occupied Amazon Best Sellers rank no. 1412 in software category, most importantly you will get one year prepaid subscription that works within QuickBooks.

Important Features:
Pay employees in 3 easy steps
Create unlimited paychecks
Just enter hours and approve salaries
Get instant paycheck calculations
Print paychecks instantly

Use free direct deposit
Get free help from experts
One Year of prepaid subscription
Track job costs within QuickBooks
Tax forms are not included
This QuickBooks payroll software is very powerful in terms of handling accounting works quickly; you don’t have to worry about it once you purchase this payroll software.