Thursday, December 5, 2013

QuickBooks Basic Payroll 2013

QuckBooks 2014 is very powerful as it can make you believe that it does not need any further advancements or upgrades, however older versions were also good but this version is more advanced than older one. It helps in invoicing and recording purchases and it helps people to work more quickly than before, users of QuickBooks 2014 can add multiple attachments and additionally customize the email templates while using customer’s job information in one click. The new feature is related to income tracker allowing you know if there are past due invoices so that you will pay attention to those transaction and it will be beneficial to your business. It has great features related to sales like emailing through the list directly to the customer.

You are able to see all the banking sales, incoming and outgoing derived from one of space. It tells who have paid, how it was paid that makes the work easier than before. Customer support is also very good, most importantly it has help manual that is made upon customer suggestions, when you refer to the manual you may not need customer support as well. If you need to switch one version to other or any switching related works you need, it is really very easy as it is integrated with old QuickBooks version where you won’t get any problem.

QuickBooks Basic Payroll 2013 is user friendly, it is faster than others, with all these advanced features, it seems like it is a difficult application to use but it is actually straight forward, it has very clean look that can be used simply no extra brain power is needed at the time of doing accounting works. If you are new to QuickBooks, there is no problem, it has step-by-step guides, pre-made template that works for tutorial and it makes really very easy to understand and use, if you get any problems, you can call support 24x7 and you can get help from customer services anytime you need.

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