Thursday, December 5, 2013

QuickBooks Enhanced Payroll 2014

Intuit has introduced QuickBooks Enhanced Payroll 2014, in this edition; you will get additional features like R11 for QuickBooks 2013 and enterprise 13.0. It has solution to fix error and handle issues using advanced inventory in QBES with reports.
QuickBooks would not display the error “exception thrown in destructor” at the time of registering a bank account in this software.
It improves utilities of verifying and rebuilding.
It will shows these alerts; reactivate subscription, renew subscription, update credit card and verify subscription
It has good improvement compared to old one.
In this software, all items with quantities will show properly at the time of selecting Hide zero QOH on reports.
The lot management shows >1 line on a transaction with the same item combination while lot no. is unique for the row.
You can change an item in a row from an inventory item to a non-inventory item.
If the Bin Location Tracking is ON, the lot counts in lot management will show the counting number for selected bin location.

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